If there is one thing that is needed to walk in the reality of Christ Nature, it is meditating and beholding the Word of God until you become it! In Timโ€™s many evangelistic journeys, one thing he has seen time and time again is the body of Christ not spending the proper time in the Word! One of the reasons is simply many do not understand where to begin. If thatโ€™s you and you long to grow in Godโ€™s word, Tim offers a great way to start. Through the YouVersion Bible app, you can connect with Tim and follow his bible reading plans and highlights, as well as asking any questions that you may come across along the way.


If you are ready to receive the encouragement to devour the Word like never before, create an account with the YouVersion Bible app, tap “Community” at the top, tap “add friend”, then search for “Christ Nature 555” and add us as your friend.

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