Some of you may know Tim’s background as a college quarterback and the physical pain that was associated with it. Tim spent years taking pain killers and ice baths because of constant torment and pain he lived with, but when he met Jesus and received a revelation of what the cross accomplished…everything changed. Healing is not the main focus of Christ Nature, but if any of you have been in physical pain you know very well how limited your life becomes. Tim believes physical healing is just one of the many fruits that are produced from the revelation of the Christ nature!

Not only has Tim devoted the last ten years of his faith walk to see breakthrough in the realm of healing, he also has reaped the fruits of it. For the last ten years Tim has not been sick, or taken any medication of any kind. Divine health has become his portion and what he freely has received, he freely gives away!

Tim also has spent the last four years studying under one of the greatest healing evangelists this world has ever known. It’s not a stretch to say Pastor Benny Hinn has probably seen more people healed spiritually and physically than anyone ever has. Tim has had the privilege to see first hand that healing in itself isn’t difficult to receive, but being a good steward of keeping your healing is the key to walk in divine health. These conferences will not be a “traditional” healing conference as most people have known, but rather an impartation of spiritual and medical truth. DHC’s will not only feature anointed ministers proclaiming biblical truth, but will also include Doctors and Nutritionists to fully equip you with knowledge of what your body needs to walk in divine health!

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